To truly intrigue a guy, you have to make him think you're fascinating and leave him wanting more. You can't put it all out there or make him feel like he has you figured out in the first five minutes or he won't want to get to know you -- or wonder about you when you're not there. So how do you create the perfect combination of mystery and excitement that can intrigue any guy? Follow these steps to get started.

1. Show a bit of interest in him. If you give the guy absolutely nothing to work with, you won't get anything back. He won't be intrigued by you if you give him the cold shoulder and if he feels like you're not interested in him at all whatsoever. So, give him a little smile, a wave, or start a light conversation with him. Flirt just a tiny bit to make him think there's a chance that you like him, but not to make him think that you want him. Just give him enough to leave him thinking about you and wanting to see you again.

- Use his name when you talk to him, and make a bit of eye contact.
- Avoid making physical contact when you first talk to him, or you may be coming on too strong.

2. Let him see you having a great time. If you want to intrigue a guy, then you have to make him feel like he wants to be around you. If you're in his orbit, make sure you're having a great time with your friends, laughing, talking happily, or even dancing, if you're out -- let him think, "There's a cool, fun girl. It would be fun to get to know her better." If he always sees you moping or looking bored or sad, why would he want more of that? Of course, you shouldn't pretend to be fun just to catch his eye, but actually be the kind of girl who is out to have a good time.

- He should feel like he should be lucky to be in your orbit -- not that you're looking for a guy to make your life complete.

3. Don't always be available. If you're getting to know the guy a bit and he wants to hang out, you should be excited about it, but not act like your schedule is wide open. Keep him guessing. Maybe you have a host of other exciting dates lined up. Maybe you have some fun weekend plans with your girlfriends. Maybe you like to spend Friday nights by yourself, translating Latvian poetry into English. He shouldn't know exactly what you're up at all times -- just knowing that you're not always free will make him think that he should cherish his time with you and that you're a dynamic person with a lot going on.

- Being a person with a lot of plans and exciting ideas will make you a more interesting, multi-faceted person.
- Don't call him all the time, and don't pick up the phone every time he calls or text him back within five minutes whenever you hear from him, either. Let him see that you have a busy schedule, not that you're sitting around and waiting for a call from him.

4. Keep your options open. If you've started casually dating the guy or just talking to him a lot, you don't have to let him know how much you like him right away. Make him feel special enough to keep wanting to see you, but don't tell him he's the only guy in your life or that you want to be his girlfriend ASAP. Make him figure out that he should ask you to be his girlfriend (if that's what you want) instead of letting him know that he's the only one. This doesn't mean you have to be deceptive -- you should just stay open to all of the opportunities around you.

- If he thinks your focus is 100% on him, he'll be less likely to be intrigued by you because he may think he has you in the palm of his hand.

5. Don't come on too strong. Playing hard to get can go a long way in intriguing the guy. Even if you think he's the one, you shouldn't throw yourself all over him, tell him how hot he is, or compliment him constantly. Most guys like to be kept on their toes; if you want him to think that you're worth it, then let him see that the chase is never over. And heck, many successful married couples say that the key to their long-lasting love is the feeling that the chase is never really over; if you want to intrigue the guy, then you shouldn't lay it all out on the line in the first five minutes.

- This doesn't mean you should be deceptive or manipulate the guy; you should just hold back from telling him you love love love love him right away, or you'll scare him off instead of intrigue him.
- It goes without saying: if you start hooking up, don't give it all up right away, either. Make him wait and see that you're worth it. If you get down on the first night, he'll have less incentive to keep courting you.

6. Don't tell him everything about yourself. If you want to intrigue the guy, then you can't make him think that he knows exactly who you are after your first conversation. Reveal who you are little by little and let him see that you're more than just one thing. Let him see your artistic side by talking about your poetry one time and then show off your sports knowledge by talking about who you think is going to win the Super Bowl the next time you see him. Don't give him your personal biography, either; let him figure out that you spent six months in India or were born in Alaska little by little instead of telling him every little thing right away.

- When you talk to him, make sure you ask him questions and that the conversation flows both ways. If you talk the whole time, chances are he'll find out a lot about you right away, and will feel like there aren't a lot of things he'd like to know about you.

7. Leave him wanting more. If you want to intrigue the guy, then you have to leave him just when things are getting good. Don't have a great conversation and then let things taper off until you find yourself talking about your grandmother's toe fungus; when you're feeling a really great vibe, tell him it's been great talking to him and say you have to go. Don't do this abruptly if it makes no sense in context or seems rude; but if you're in the halls, for example, don't talk to him until the bell rings and you're late for class. Say a few words to leave him wanting more and wave goodbye.

- You can tell him you had a great time talking to him without overdoing it. Let him see that you liked talking to him, too, without making him feel like he can talk to you for as long as he wants any time.

Get out there and see if you can intrigue the guy that you like!